3 Awesome Benefits of the Amazon Connect + Helpshift Integration

We’ve got big news today at Helpshift! 

We just launched a new integration between Amazon Connect and our own digital customer support platform that you all know and love. We’re pretty excited about it, and we want you to be too, so we’ve put together a brief explainer to show you everything this integration will enable you to deliver to your customers. 

1. Give your customers the power to channel surf

Before today, phone support and messaging were two separate support channels. If a customer called you on the phone, there was no way to move the conversation over to messaging. With Amazon Connect + Helpshift, customers now have the option to switch to messaging from within the IVR. The customer gets an SMS with a URL and presto, they’re now in a messaging environment where they can access all of the benefits of automation — including bots, AI and smart self-service. 

The impact? Customers don’t have to wait on hold when an issue can be solved through asynchronous messaging. They can now jump immediately into a messaging environment and get their issues resolved on their own time.

The integration also makes it incredibly easy for an agent or customer to transition a conversation from messaging to a phone call— because sometimes it’s easier to talk it out!

2. Empower agents to foster stronger relationships with customers

Phone support certainly has its place. Some demographics just prefer to speak to someone over the phone, while in other cases, you might have specific customer segments that should be able to reach an agent ASAP. But when customers who want to solve their issues through messaging are forced to pick up the phone and call, it takes time away from customers who require live assistance.

By giving customers the option to switch into messaging, phone support agents are able to spend more time making meaningful connections with the right customers and on the right issues. Not only does this mean higher satisfaction and retention, it also means that agents are free to engage in additional activities that can add value for both the customer and the business, such as upselling.

3. Make Your Agents Happy(er)

Your agents are already happy (They do use Helpshift after all!). But this new integration has the potential to further improve agent morale and productivity. 

How? When handling a high volume of calls, agents are forced to rely on call scripts and other processes to get through calls as quickly as possible. This leads to agents feeling ‘like robots’, which decreases job satisfaction and, by extension, performance. 

The Amazon Connect + Helpshift integration transfers much of the robotic work to actual bots, so that agents can get off call scripts and engage in more genuine conversations with customers in the scenarios where it matters. And we all know that happy employees lead to happy customers!

This new integration between Amazon Connect + Helpshift is sure to transform your call center for the better. We love it, and we’re sure that you, your customers, and your agents will love it to! 

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