4 Tips to Bring Your Mobile Support Up to Date

Nobody wants to deal with outdated customer support practices anymore. Customer service is the last line of defense against a negative customer experience, and having modern support practices will ensure that users will never have a reason to leave a negative review.

Here are a few tips to bring your customer service into 2014:

1. Be responsive

Resolving issues quickly is one of the easiest ways to impress customers and encourage high reviews. Every moment that it takes for an agent to respond to a customer is a potential churn. Invest in the proper tools to make this possible. Email support alone may not be enough. Consider being available on social media and in-app for support as well.

2. Be a real person

Customers will appreciate the effort of a living human being working to solve their problem. Allow agents to write “business casual”; a more colloquial, easygoing manner helps users want to empathize and work with you to solve a problem. You don’t need to sound like a robot in order to follow company policy. It helps to have your agents take cues from the culture of the market. Research and use the jargon that will help you and your customers come to a mutual understanding.

3. Learn to let go

Sometimes a customer will contact you with the last words any business wants to hear: “I want to cancel my service.” The first priority is to find out why. Learning the reason why customers leave is invaluable information for a business. Next, take a small moment to ask the customer to reconsider in light of upcoming features, changes, or deals. If they decline again, help them cancel their service. Not allowing a customer to easily cancel their subscription can transform natural churn into a negative review, and even possibly a viral PR incident. Let them go with grace. They might even come back.

4. Invest in your agents’ workflow

An often overlooked aspect of great customer service is giving your agents the tools to better manage incoming tickets. Even the best CRM agents can be bottlenecked by outdated software and practices that companies refuse to improve. Customer service is completely scalable–ensuring that your agents can work efficiently will more than pay for itself with the effect of customer loyalty and your agents’ happiness.

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In Summary:

Nowadays customers are less tolerant with bad support practices, and will actively speak against companies that treat them poorly. The slow, robotic, and repetitive customer service of the past does not cut it anymore. Improve your customer service with the above tips–and try out Helpshift–to bring your service into the modern era.

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