5 Tips to Reduce Help Desk Tickets with a Great FAQ!

Having a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page is essential for every business. Having a clear FAQ page promotes self-service and allow your customers to answer their own questions. This can help reduce frustration in figuring out the product and reduce the number of help tickets filed. That said, your FAQ section in your app requires attention and care. Here are some tips to help you have a great one!

1. Keep answers organized with categories.

Make the answer as easy as possible for your customers to find. The FAQ is where customers go to resolve an issue or to learn more about your product. All the questions should be kept organized. Questions should be organized by categories and ordered by the most frequently asked questions. With analytics you can track which questions are most often asked and be sure to feature those.

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Having a search function can also help your customers quickly find the answer, especially when it is a product where there is a lot of information. With highly technical products or gaming apps where there are a lot of rules, the search function can be very valuable to have.

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Sometimes it’s better to show your customers the solution than it is to tell them. Visual explanations can sometimes be a much better way to communicate how to do something or explain an idea.

4. Use the right language. Give clear answers!

The purpose of an FAQ is to answer questions! If your customers can answer their own questions, they won’t need to bother you or a customer service representative. Make sure the language used for the FAQ is clear and straight forward. Keep it concise. Only answer the questions –there’s no need to write an essay about every detail of your product in every answer. Avoid being redundant. Consider the fact that a large portion of your customers may not be english speakers as well. Cater to that!

5. Make it easy for customers and users to contact you.

If your customers cannot find the answer to their questions, make sure there’s an easy way they can contact you. You want to avoid getting a bad review, getting your app deleted, or a customer leaving your services. Let your users and customers know you’re available for them.

In Summary

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Keep in mind that the FAQ is the place to resolve issues and answer questions. Make it seamless as possible for your customers to find their answer. Consider the fact the FAQ is important to have on both web and mobile. Optimize for the platform your customers are using.

Remember the 5 tips above:

  • Keep the questions organized
  • Make it possible to search for the answer
  • If necessary, explain with video or images
  • Be concise and clear with the right language
  • And lastly, make it easy for your customers to contact you if there are still issues.

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