Abinash Tripathy Throws Shade at CRMs on Inc.

Why CRM Doesn’t Reduce Sales Costs

Monolithic products had their heyday. But today, we’re all about boutique products, simple solutions, on-the-go answers and services. In a recent succinct and insightful Inc. article, Geoffrey James explains why it is that CRM products are unpopular with Salespeople and ineffectual at driving customer relationships. Our CEO, Abinash Tripathy weighs in for the article, and outlines four main reasons why CRM systems are rapidly fading into either infamy or obsolescence.

1. Increased competition for support and marketing automation

2. Saturation of sales automation market

3. Salesforce.com has been “late to the mobile party” thereby opening opportunities for vendors with more mobile-centric products.

4. Salesforce.com has been slow to deliver on their platform approach roadmap, thus making their sales process more expensive

Check out his reasoning (pretty solid reasoning, too, if we do say ourselves) as well as James’ analysis of why CRM systems don’t reduce Sales costs on Inc.com.

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