Agent Groups have arrived! Improve your team’s efficiency with a customized setup

Keeping a large team organized doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. With the release of Agent Groups, you can now maximize the efficiency of your support team – even when your organization needs to handle Issues with different levels of priority, languages, or subject matter.

Agent Groups control the types of Issues each team can see, enabling them to quickly and accurately respond to a support Issues. It’s a perfect solution for organizations with very large teams or multiple levels of management. Specialized Agent Groups make it much easier for managers and representatives to stay on the same wavelength, ensuring consistent and efficient responses and maximizing the effectiveness of your support organization.

How can Agent Groups help me?

One of the most useful features of the Agent Group is the ability to have support Issues filtered to your support group based on what tags the Issue has or does not include. For example, if you want all technical support tasks to be handled by one group, you can add that as a tag for that particular Agent Group.

With the increased use of outsourcing for customer support, tailoring a solution to accommodate multiple languages has become increasingly important. Agent Groups enable you to combine your agents into specific language groups, so your agents who speak French can easily see all of the Issues that are in French. This ensures that requests are quickly processed by the agents who are most qualified to resolve them.

How do I use Agent Groups?

With just a few clicks, you will be on your way to setting up a new Agent Group. You can classify and label groups in any way that works best for your company. To find the Agent Group setting from the menu, simply choose: Settings → Team → Add Group button at the top. Once you have created your group name, you’re ready to start adding support agents. Adding team members is as easy as adding people to the CC list in an email. You can add as many or as few members to your group as you want at the touch of a button.

Create Helpshift Groups

You can add an additional dimension of control by sharing specific views with different support groups. Shared Smart View enables you to ensure the right members of your support team have easy access to the information they need on their dashboards when answering tickets. You can use Shared Smart View to align your team around specific workflows, so you can streamline and enhance customer service across your organization.

Groups and Shared Smart Views

How can I get started?

Agent Groups enable you to completely customize what each particular group of users has access to, keeping your agents focused and efficient. For more information on Agent Groups, please visit us at

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