Action Needed: Agent Groups & Smart Views Update Incoming!

This weekend we will be making enhancements and updates to Agent Groups, Shared Smart Views, the global default Smart Views, and My Smart Views.

If you are an Admin on your Helpshift account and have not set up Shared Smart Views for your Agents, please create a ‘Shared Smart View’ for ‘New’ Issues now.

If you are utilizing our Agent Groups feature, please note that the Issue access is now restricted by the conditions set in the Shared Smart View [not in the Issue Access from the Agent Group itself]

Please continue reading for full details below.


The visibility of the global default views (New, My Open Issues, My Closed Issues, and All Issues) will be changed depending on if you are an Agent or an Admin. This is to ensure your Agents are only seeing issues assigned to themselves and not working out of the ‘New’ queue.

This means if you have both Admins and Agents working in your Helpshift account, you will need to create Shared Smart Views for New Issues that your Agents can work from.

If you are utilizing our Agent Groups feature, there are other changes which will affect you.

The goal of Agent Groups and Shared Smart Views has always been to ensure you are maximizing your efficiency and ability to handle various levels of Issues.

However, because Issue access can be restricted by both Agent Groups and conditions set in a Shared Smart View, there are many times that the functionality of Groups and Shared Smart Views overlap and Smart Views superseded groups.

The latest enhancement to these features was designed to help make this process much more streamlined and assist in managing different levels of support teams and types of Issues.

What’s Changing:

The Global Default Smart Views:

The default Smart Views will be updated. This will help ensure a seamless workflow for Agents so they only see which Issues are assigned to themselves instead of the entire New or All Queue:

Currently Admins and Agents See These Views:

After the Update

Agents will only See the following Views [notice that Agents will only be able to see Issues which are assigned to themselves]:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.57.06 AM

Admins will see These Global Views [notice that now Admins can see ALL Issues including their own]:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.58.11 AM

What this means for you and your team:

If you have Agents currently working out of the existing ‘New’ queue, you must create a Shared Smart View for New Issues to share with your team. Instructions here [as a best practice we always recommend creating Shared Smart Views to help segment your Issues].

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.44.36 PM

To Summarize:

Existing smart view New View (Coming Soon) Filter Visibility
My Open Issues My New Issues Will only show Issues with status “New issue for agent” Agent & Admin
My In-Progress Issues Will only show Issues which are “Waiting for Agent” or which are in status “Agent Replied” Agent & Admin
My closed issues My Closed Issues Will only show issues which are in status “Rejected or “Resolved” and assigned to the logged in Agent Agent & Admin
New All New Issues Will show all “New” “Unassigned” issues Only Admin
All issues All issues Will show all issues on the Admin dashboard irrespective of status Only Admin

Agent Groups + Shared Smart Views:

We will be removing the Issue Access tab from Agent Groups so the only place you’ll need to define access is in the Shared Smart View.

Agent Groups will only be used to group sets of Agents together. Once you’ve grouped the Agents together, you will need to create a Shared Smart View which sets the restrictions of the types of Issues in that view and share it with the corresponding group. Instructions here.

What You Need to Do [Admins]:

If you are using Agent Groups, you should already have your Agents in their specific Agent Groups. You will need to make sure that the Issue Access is defined in the Shared Smart View which is shared with that group.

My Smart Views

For Agents, the ‘Assignee’ will be the ‘current user’. An Agent will only be able to create a ‘My Smart View’ for Issues which are assigned to themselves.

If an Admin is ever made an Agent, the assignee will be updated to “current user” for all their My Smart Views.


These updates will be going live on Saturday. Please make sure you update your Shared Smart Views so your Agents can see the appropriate Issues. If you do not have Shared Smart Views yet, please create them so your Agents can view ‘New’ Issues.

If you have any questions, please email !

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