How to Build an AI-Powered Support Strategy Your Customers Will Love

Today’s consumers demand that their problems be resolved quickly and efficiently, and the only way to exceed their expectations is through intelligent, chat-based customer support. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots is the easiest route towards meeting these challenging expectations head on.

Dreamforce 2017 was centered around this premise, and Helpshift CEO Linda Crawford was a featured speaker on the subject. Crawford detailed what chatbots are capable of, right now, in the customer service space and how brands can modernize and optimize their support strategy by harnessing the power of an AI-based customer service platform. Below are her key findings, and you can find her full deck here.

AI Power + Chatbots = More Efficient Operations

Automating processes can help streamline your support operations, and machine learning adds an additional layer of accuracy and efficiency that only improves with time. There is an immediately visible ROI from incorporating chatbots, and here is the essential starter pack for your “chatbot army”.

  • QuickSearch Bot: suggests relevant knowledge articles for users to self-serve, deflecting tickets in the process
  • Get Info Bot: collects routine information such as email address and order number, saving manpower and reducing interaction costs
  • CSAT Bot: requests feedback after ticket resolution

AI Power + Chatbots= More Engaged Agents

Incorporating chatbots and AI isn’t just about reducing costs, it’s about making the overall user experience better—agents included. Chatbots can help answer general questions and collect routine information, freeing up your agents to tackle the more nuanced, complex (and hopefully more interesting) issues.

At the same time, AI frees up supervisors to spend time managing their team instead of assigning issues (which can be done through automated issue classification and routing). Chatbots and AI can do the boring busywork, and seamlessly hand off issues to agents once they require a human touch.


AI Power + Chatbots= Happier Customers

The arguably best part of these innovative new tools is that it helps with increased customer satisfaction. Your customers will get help faster, in a conversational and friendly manner. Having expedited service and a seamlessly connected experience for your customers will incentivize them to continue engaging with your brand!

Helpshift’s AI-first customer service platform has built-in chatbots that are ready to tackle all of your customer support needs. Learn more about how to take your support strategy to the next level at

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