Helpshift Announcements Feature: Communicate with All Agents Instantly

Need to reach your entire support team as quickly as possible? Perhaps you need to inform all of your agents of a known issue with your latest app release, or you need your agents to start using a brand new Tag you’ve created to track specific issues. We have great news: Internal team updates no longer need to be taken to email or direct messages.

Our latest feature, Announcements, makes it easy to share messages with your entire team directly from your Dashboard. The Announcement will be visible to all members of your organization next to the Helpshift “Help and Feedback” icon on the navigation bar.

How to Make an Announcement:

In your Admin Dashboard Settings page, you will now find a section under Organization titled ‘Announcements’:

Click on the “+ NEW ANNOUNCEMENT” button.

In the New Announcement modal, enter your Announcement Content and the Expiration Date of your Announcement (Please Note: the expiration of the Announcement is in UTC time.)

A preview of your Announcement will be shown at the bottom of your content.

Your Announcement should be 160 characters or less. If the content is more than 160 characters, additional characters will not be shown on the screen.

After you’ve included your content and announcement expiration date, click on ‘Publish Announcement’.

Your Announcement will then be visible to all users in your Dashboard:

Items to note:


  • If there is a Helpshift System Announcement, it will appear at the top of the list.
  • Announcements which have been read, will appear grey (right).
  • Announcement expiration times are in UTC.
  • Every Announcement has a limit of 160 characters.
  • If you need to stop or edit the Announcement, click the ‘Stop’ or ‘Edit’ icon located to the right of the Announcement in the Announcement History section.

Get Started Today! Announcements are available now in your Admin Dashboard Settings.

Have any feedback or questions? Email [email protected]!

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