Announcing Helpshift’s Redesigned Dashboard

In just three years, Helpshift has grown to an install base of over 1 billion devices. This wide reach has sparked millions of conversations around the world between Customer Support Teams and their customers. To improve the efficiency of Support Teams, we are announcing a design refresh to our Agent-facing dashboard.

Here is a preview:


What can Dashboard users expect with this redesign?

  • Faster load times with changes under the hood.
  • An additional column to the screen for faster inner-issue navigation. Right now, agents have to go back and forth between issues and details (such as custom metadata or device type). With this enhancement, we wanted to reduce the amount of clicks required in the resolution process.
  • The ability to collapse Smart Views. With additional space for the issues feed and details, you and your team can concentrate on the resolution:
interface interface

Why did we build this?

Helpshift is hyper-focused on mobile. Our mission is to align Customer Support with mobile behavior and convenience. Because our platform natively integrates inside your app, the expectation for the end-user is that response and resolution times are faster than email. Read receipts, rich device, and mobile attachments are all features that keep the conversation focused around a resolution. The new layout in the Dashboard will be yet another enhancement to your team’s workflow.

Best Practices:

As you know, Helpshift provides a few handy keyboard shortcuts that allow you to execute routine tasks such as inserting a canned response, or adding a private note.

To supercharge your productivity, here are a few shortcuts to remember:

Action Mac Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Reply Command ⌘ + “Enter” Ctrl + “Enter”
Reply + Resolve Command ⌘ + “Shift” + “Enter” Ctrl + “Shift” + “Enter
Insert FAQ Command ⌘ + “.” Ctrl + “.”
Go to next issue Down arrow Down arrow
Go to previous issue Up arrow Up arrow

Helpshift will be releasing this enhancement on Wednesday September 28th. Feel free to share this update with your Support team so they can prepare for the change. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact

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