Don’t Miss Out on These Actionable Insights into AI-Powered Customer Service

Artificial intelligence can significantly help streamline and scale customer support processes when used correctly. For instance, AI can help agents resolve customer problems more efficiently by both ensuring the right agent is connected with each customer, and has as much information as possible about the issue from the get-go.

Another benefit of AI is that it can help customers answer questions without ever needing to speak with an agent, which can significantly reduce support costs. Yet if AI is not used correctly (ie. by not providing accurate information), it can overcomplicate workflows and reduce ROI instead of improving it.

We’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen by showing you how to best leverage today’s AI-powered tools.

The customer experience needs to come first, so our pre-recorded webinar will show you how to increase customer satisfaction while streamlining processes with AI and chatbots. In this webinar, Helpshift Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Abinash Tripathy will walk you through AI strategy, use cases, and implementation suggestions for the customer service space.


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