“Automated Game Error Reporting and In-App Player Support Done Right Part II” Webinar Recap

In Automated Game Error Reporting and Player Support Done Right Part I, we explored how Helpshift’s customer support platform and Backtrace’s error reporting tools elevate engineers and support agents with data to keep users in-app on iOS. In Part II, Greg Posner, Helpshift Senior Partner Engineer, and Vincent Lussenborg, Backtrace Technical Product Manager, dive into PC and Android capabilities with a demo of how the joint solutions can help teams address common bugs and crashes quickly.

Check out some of the highlights below and then watch the full episode now on demand.

#1. Resolve your product and customer issues on any type of device with confidence. 

“The first webinar that we had focused on iOS and I see the experience with Android is very much the same. We provide it through an SDK that you can simply import. For both Helpshift and Backtrace, it is important to know what you’re seeing is not a lot of programming work. You can include it quite easily and you get immediate support in indirect and direct chat for everyone involved.” – Vincent, Backtrace 

#2. Strengthen your customer loyalty and your satisfaction score by giving them the assistance they deserve.

“The fact that you can communicate immediately to your customer can have a major impact on CSAT. It’s not just about fixing the issue and having the updated app in the app store. It’s about the player knowing that the issue has been resolved. The faster you do that, the more that becomes an opportunity to increase loyalty. The moment that the gamer sees that a company resolved the issue and notifies them that the problem has been resolved… I don’t know about you but that would drive me to immediately test the game out again and keep playing and feel good about being taken care of”. – Vincent, Backtrace

#3. Provide the support your developers and gamers need, when they need it.

“Whether it’s an iOS update or not, there’s a ton of issues that can cause your product to start having problems. Helpshift provides the easy way to open your issue up about what happened and provide details of the state they were in. From the engineering perspective, they are getting the data that’s important to them – the type of user, what they are doing, and the breadcrumbs. Along with this in-app experience, we provide the best experience for your gamer as well as your developer.”Greg Posner, Helpshift

With the partnership between Helpshift and Backtrace, engineers and support teams can easily reach specific data and analytics resulting in faster solutions and promoting better customer experiences. To get started, access the Backtrace Tier Developer Program for free and schedule a complimentary Helpshift demo

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