Automations: The Not-Taking-Jobs Kind

Every day there is a new article about how automation is going to take our jobs away. But Helpshift has been using “Automations” for awhile now, and it’s not taking away jobs. It’s simply freeing up support agents to be able to spend more time on complex issues. They don’t have to waste their time sending basic responses, sorting through issues, or manually sending out reminders.

Time is a valuable resource, and our goal is to help companies use such resources as efficiently as possible. Here are the ways that Helpshift Automations do just that.

1. Reminder Automations

This function allows your admin team to send a reminder to all users who haven’t responded to an agent after a certain amount of days have passed. This is a great way to re-engage users and make sure they don’t have any outstanding questions. They will feel taken care of, and your agents don’t have to lift a finger to make it happen.

2. Auto Resolve Automations

If a user hasn’t responded after a certain amount of time has passed (determined by admin), this automation will automatically mark it as resolved so that it is removed from your ‘open issues’ queue. Agents shouldn’t have to spend any time on sorting through idle issues, and this takes care of that high opportunity cost.

3. New Issue Automations

These automations are the most customizable option. Once you have a good tagging system in place, you can automatically categorize new issues and send out canned, or ‘predefined’ responses as they filter in. Again, tagging is key for this feature…but if it’s done right and updated often, it can save a support team a lot of headaches.

Automations are a premium Helpshift feature. Please email our team at [email protected] to learn more.

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