Dreamforce Spotlight: How BBVA Unifies the Customer Experience with a Digital-First Approach

Disclaimer: BBVA is a Helpshift customer.

Multinational Spanish banking group, BBVA, took the Dreamforce stage to speak about how the global company plans to “bring the age of opportunity to everyone” through a digital-first approach. Rated the #1 mobile bank in Europe by Forrester in 2017, BBVA has maintained a clear focus around prioritizing its primarily mobile customer base by driving a mobile-first experience.

BBVA leaders on digital-first approach

As a self-proclaimed “customer obsessed” company, BBVA’s focus on mobile is a testament to how the banking group truly understands its customer base, caters to customer needs and wishes — and thereby drives customer loyalty as a direct result.

Here are three key takeaways based on what BBVA’s Ruben Morín, Program Manager of Digital Business Intelligence and Alvaro de Palacios, Global Head of Channels, Customer Engagement Platforms, shared for the packed audience.

Users expect Amazon-like experiences — everywhere

Today’s consumers are accustomed to exceptional experiences that they have with brands like Amazon and Netflix. Brands that expect to win over consumers, regardless of their industry, should strive to match these levels of experience excellence. That means that every contact needs to be personalized. Brands should already know who they are speaking with, what the issue is, as well as surrounding context. This should make for a more fluid experience for the user, and eliminate friction in the process.

Data cannot be taken for granted

As we’ve entered the era of GDPR, brands should be more appreciative and conscious of the data that they have and what they do with it. One of the banking group’s core values is trust — and the speakers stressed that this is not something that can just simply be “delivered” to customers. Building trust over time with their customers is essential, and especially due to the private nature of finances, it is likewise critical for BBVA to use data in the best possible way to improve the experience.

Continuing engagement should not be overlooked

Even after users download the app, there is still far more to be done on the engagement and retention side. In order to reduce leakage, brands should provide on-boarding materials and tools for continuing education on the product over time.

These aforementioned values and insights align seamlessly with Helpshift’s vision for the future of customer service and communication. Learn more about how brands like BBVA create exceptional experiences at scale to drive customer loyalty today.

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