The Beginner’s Guide to Bots is Here!

Considering 44 percent of Americans would rather scrub a toilet than contact customer support, brands need to start improving the customer service experience today — which is precisely why we put together this beginner’s guide to bots.

If your first question upon reading this is “why would bots improve the customer service experience?” — you are not alone.

This is a valid question, as historically, chatbots have been perceived negatively by the public. Yet customer service bots make up a unique subset of the bot ecosystem. Their purpose is not to sound human or interpret conversational nuances like the “failed” chatbots of the past. Rather, their objective is to rapidly lead customers through a streamlined channel of information as efficiently as possible.

This is where customer service bots excel. Bots designed with this use case in mind can be narrowly tailored to lead users through an optimized customer journey and get their issues resolved faster.

Ultimately, this is what customers care about most as speed and scalability are the two primary facets of customer service where bots can make a massive difference if and when they are used properly. This guide displays different customer service bot use cases, as well as when and how to invoke them properly.

Check out The Beginner’s Guide to Bots to learn about:

  • Different touch points to invoke bots throughout the customer journey
  • Actionable steps to get started and set your team up for success with bots
  • Metrics that actually measure the success of bot-based service

A huge benefit of these narrowly-tailored bots is that they are incredibly simple to set up and customize. Helpshift’s newly released bot builder, for instance, allows teams to easily set up bot-based workflows without any developers or special training. These bots can be deployed to collect information, improve self-service, lead users down paths towards quicker issue resolution and more.

Learn more about Helpshift’s custom bots by requesting a demo with our sales team.

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