Being Mobile First in 2017

Popular thought leadership website, Think With Google recently released the results of a report on how consumers respond to apps. They asked ~1000 smartphone users questions that included how they discovered apps, which apps they used the most, reasons they deleted apps and a host of other questions. Based on the report, here are 5 mobile app elements we believe you should hold onto in 2017.

The number one reason (61%) respondents loved an app was because they found it easy to navigate. Keep your navigation simple and allow your FAQs to perform the heavy lifting. If your navigation is fairly intuitive, tech savvy users will quickly figure out how it works without the need for guidance. However, by including a detailed explanation in your in-app FAQs you can easily educate and guide new users on the more complex elements.


2. Exploration and Choice
We no longer live in a monolithic society. People want choices and expect brands to meet their individual lifestyles. Introducing new elements that are unique to specific users will keep them interested and engaged in an app. Learn about your users, and target them with messages and offers that are valuable to them.


3. Video
Consumers don’t distinguish between consuming video content on TV compared with online, or on their phones or tablets anymore. It’s time to create an integrated view of video. Learn where your users are consuming content, start with mobile, then build a holistic view across video channels.

4. Measure for mobile
Utilizing the same metrics you have used to measure desktop experiences is not going to cut it when measuring for mobile. Mobile is a different animal and you need to develop a salient set of mobile centric metrics.

5. Details
Consumers are in the driving seat like never before. Avoid being overly strategic and ignoring details such mobile customer experience touchpoints. Otherwise, expect users to lose interest and even delete an app.

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