Block Email Feature Helps Prevent Unwanted Spam Messages

Spammers beware, Helpshift’s new Block Email feature helps prevent unwanted, spammy messages from crowding your Issues Feed.

Since we have always been mobile first, a feature to block spam emails was not in huge demand since reporting an Issue through the SDK requires your User to actually use and download your app to send a message and is essentially spam free.

Some of our customers like Circa, Findery, Glu Mobile, Pixelberry Studios, and Stitcher Radio who use Helpshift to provide both in-app support as well as web and email support found unwanted spam messages in their Helpshift Dashboard to be a hindrance in their workflow. After multiple requests, our product team brings you the functionality to block these email addresses from continuing to send spam in the future.

How to Block an Email Address:
1. Click on the email Issue to bring up the Issue Detail Page
2. In the top right User Information section click on “Block” next to the Name and Email address

Helpshift Block Email3. In the “Warning!” pop-up click on the “Block Email” button to confirm

Helpshift Block Email

Any future Issues from this email address will automatically be rejected.

You can also Block an email in the Block Email section of Settings:
1. Click on the Settings tab
2. Click on Block Email from the left hand navigation menu
Helpshift Block Email

3. Click on the “+Blocked Email” button
Helpshift Block Emails
4. In the Add Blocked Email pop-up, enter the emails you’d like to block and click on “Block Emails”

Helpshift Block Email
Blocked Emails will now appear on the Block Email page. To unblock an email address, simply click on the “Unblock” button:

Helpshift Block Email

As we see this mobile paradigm shift continue we know more people will send you Issues through the SDK but as we continue to offer web and email support for some of your User base we built the Block Email feature to help alleviate the pain point of spam messages.

Editor’s Note:
As your dedicated Customer Success Manager it is my goal to ensure you are taking advantage of all the tools available to you and finding the utmost value in our product. If you would like more information on any of Helpshift’s features or would like to chat more about Helpshift, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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