Sharpen Your Helpshift Skills With Our New Knowledge Base

Our new Knowledge Base features a brand-new series of ‘Getting Started’ guides, improved FAQs, and a dynamic contact form to streamline the process of being routed to the right Helpshift expert.


Become a Helpshift Master

Our Getting Started guides are designed to support new and existing Helpshift users in mastering the Dashboard. They cover an array of topics, from basic feature setup to advanced workflow improvements, which you can use to train new team members on existing features. Take a look at the guides.

Search New & Improved FAQs

We’ve added new and improved FAQs to support the latest version of the Helpshift Dashboard. Simply type your inquiry into our universal search bar to find any and all information you need.


Easily Reach Out To Our Support Team

Our new contact form has dynamic fields, allowing you to provide the information necessary to get you to the right specialist quickly. Simply Navigate to the Contact Us button in the top right from any page of the Knowledge Base and complete the form to get connected to a Helpshift expert.

Guidance For Developers

Our existing developer documentation has not moved — but we’ve conveniently linked it from our Knowledge Base home page for you.

We’ve also added a Developer Implementation Guide to the Getting Started page for your developers to use when implementing the Helpshift SDK for the first time.

The Developer/API FAQ section provides quick one-off solutions for common questions your developers may have.

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