“Rate our App” Now smarter and more intuitive through Helpshift

We’ve brought our own spin to everyone’s favorite pop up dialogue “Rate our App.” Instead of the traditional choices to ‘Rate Now,’ ‘Remind me Later’ ‘No Thanks’, we’ve introduced a “Send Feedback” option. This gives you the ability to collect feedback at the moment of truth instead of being stuck with un-actionable negative app store reviews.

When you ask a user to rate your app there are 2 scenarios; 1) if they like your app they’ll positively rate it. 2) if they’re not happy with your app they’ll still rate it – but the rating won’t be so great. We’ve got you’re back with the second scenario and that’s why we introduced this new “send feedback” option. To deflect those negative reviews!

Review Request on Android

Review Request on Android

Review Request on iOS

Review Request on iOS









 Updated App = Clean Slate

Remember ratings are wiped clean when you release a new version of your app so we prompt for a review once per update. You only have to configure it once and we will remember to ask for a review request every time you update your app!

To Access This Feature:

Step 1. Integrate our latest SDK’s here and refer to the following documentation iOS and Android.

Step 2.
From your Helpshift Dashboard go to:
Settings → Select app under App Settings (Left Hand Navigation) → SDK Configurations
Here you can select the optimal time to trigger the request to your users:

Ask for a review after how many launches

Ask for a review after how many launches

Step 3. Be sure to include your app store URL link in this section also. This will enable us to direct users right to your app in the app store when they decide to write a review.

App store link field

App store link field

The links you need to insert here are the same you would use to link to these app store icons:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.23.53 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.24.02 PM

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