[KEY INSIGHTS] Launching a game? Everything You Need to Know KPIs; CPIs; ROI

By Helpshift

In part two of Helpshift’s Roadshow to GDC, Amir Ebrahimi from Greedy Goblins speaks to challenges and defining moments leading up to the launch of their new game to the App Store.

Launching a game? Everything You Need to Know about KPIs; CPIs; ROI:

1. User Acquisition: What it Means for Your App + What it Means for Your Spend

  • You cannot measure user acquisition (UA) without setting up yoru funnel and analytics.
  • The first questions you should ask:
    • Do people complete the tutorial?
    • What is the conversion rate after players complete tutorial?
    • Do people complete first attack (first quest)
    • Measure conversions at each part of your funnel and ensure players are moving along in the flow you want them to.
  • Working on a fixed budget? Work backwards!
    • How to set aside enough cash to spend on UA – take that right off the top and then look at monthly burn rate.
    • Chart out at least 2 months before official launch date for alpha & beta testers
    • Keep 6 months of monthly burn after launch
  • Soft Launch Means Thinking Outside the Box
    • Greedy Goblins Run of War first released in the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia.
    • Released in the Philippines to gauge potential virality of mobile game and determine ad spend.
      • Players in the Philippines are generally reserved mobile app spenders.
      • If you observe high retention rates or money spend in the Philippines you can at the very least set a benchmark for possible monetization.
    • UA Budgeting Best Practices
      • The key to success is proving your spend are effective.
      • Facebook is the primary (and only) UA channel for Greedy Goblins Run of War:
        • Easy to setup
        • Easy to manage
        • Easy to track
      • What if you have $1m in UA?
        • First – DON’T SPEND IT ALL IN ONE PLACE.
        • Start with small increments at a time i.e. start off with thousand dollar spend. Over time watch KPIs to decide to increase UA budget.
        • You will see (roughly) 300k-400k installs.What are the initial KPIs?

2. Testing 1-2-3

  • Alpha Tester Audience – Who Are They?
    • Invite alpha testers to play your game 3-4 months from launch ― invite family and friends. They will have more patience with app fails than the average player.
    • Communicate with players early on and get feedback, feature requests, bug reports and test the helpfulness of your FAQ.
    • Send out builds to alpha groups and actively ask users:
      • “If you’re thinking about quitting, let us know why”
      • “If you can’t figure something out, let us know”
    • How to Get the Feedback that Counts
      • Send out a survey to a segmented group of active users to avoid being intrusive.
      • Deliver rating prompts at the right time.
        Send out builds to alpha groups and actively ask users:
        “If you’re thinking about quitting, let us know why”
        “If you can’t figure something out, please let us know”

3. Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Support is the Difference between D1 Retention = 40% vs. 10%

  • Players are people, not users ― these players are spending money and time to help you develop your game.
  • Its well worth the energy and effort to communicate with your platers and forge a relationship–not only will you receive valuable feedback, but also create a sense of loyalty and investment in your game.
  • Benchmark:
    • Day 1 Retention ~30% – 60%
    • Day 7 Retention ~30%
  • Hacking Helpshift
    • Send ‘message of the day’ to encourage a two-way dialogue with your players.

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