Bring Mass Personalization To Your Customers With Chatbots

A new Forrester report showcases the benefits of integrating chatbots into your customer service strategy—benefits that expand well beyond cost savings. The traditional argument for chatbots in the customer service space has been primarily that of contact deflection: simply that less resources are required for manually handling tickets.

But chatbots are so much more today than a first line of defense. According to the report, “cost savings are the best-known benefit, but less-well-known benefits include insights from unstructured data, cost optimization, and experience improvement for customers and agents.”

The “experience improvement for customers and agents” argument is huge. In an era where customer service is a key competitive differentiator, improving the experience for the customer as much as possible should always be top of mind for companies.

Likewise, as agent turnover is notoriously high—having a feature that enhances the agent experience is not one to be overlooked either.

What also makes chatbots so attractive is that they are easy to get started with. They don’t require artificial intelligence right off the bat—but can still collect data and then begin to incorporate machine learning over time.

Download the full report and learn how to use chatbots to:

  • Gain insights from the unconstrained voice of the customer
  • Enhance experiences for both the customer and agent
  • Optimize—rather than simply reduce—costs

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