Buckle up! Helpshift is now even more powerful

We heard you wanted to translate your FAQ’s, engage even more with your customers and customize the SDK. We promised that we would do our very best to roll out these new features plus other major improvements. Well, we have been very busy doing exactly that! The last couple of weeks saw some major releases. In fact we shipped FAQ internationalizations, our very own push notification service, provided decomposition, localization and skinning options in the SDK, plus a bunch of other improvements.

  • Internationalization: With internationalization, you can now translate a FAQ to different languages. This feature will allow you to automatically show a translated version of the FAQ to your customer based on his device language setting. We also made sure that you can internationalize the system messages coming from the android and iOS SDK’s so that you can engage globally with your customers in their native language.
  • Push notification: Besides Urban Airship you can now use our very own push notification service. Push notifications are extremely helpful to engage with your customers. This feature will allow you send a push notification to your customer when you reply to their feedback from the Helpshift admin portal.
  • iPad support: The Helpshift iOS SDK can now be integrated into your iPad apps. With Helpshift now on your iPad, you can learn more from your customer feedback and provide a native customer support experience.
  • SDK decomposition & SDK skinning: More power to the developers! We have decomposed the SDK in such a way that you can use a single FAQ, single section with FAQ’s, inbox and send feedback modules anywhere in your application. You can also customize various native elements and the typography so that your customer support experience matches the style guide of your application. These features will allow you to design a unique customer support experience in your application.
  • Expanded metadata support: If you ever felt that you don’t have enough information to debug your customer’s issue, then this is the feature for you. This feature will allow you to get more custom data in a defined key-value pair format. This information will allow you to do an in-depth analysis of the problems your mobile customers face.

You can learn more about how to implement these features in the SDK from our documentation. We are always learning more about our customers and are continually building features to solve their problems. Do you have anything to tell us? Write in to or post a comment below.

Oh, and if you are gaining customer success from what we are doing, make sure to spread the ❤

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