Build Your Own Bots: Meet Helpshift at Dreamforce

Stop by Helpshift’s booth #1919 on the Dreamforce Expo floor.

Brands that are looking to scale efficiently — while simultaneously improving levels of customer satisfaction — need look no further than customizable bots.

Industries across the board, ranging from e-commerce to finance to hospitality, can benefit from configuring use case-specific bots to improve their support operations. That’s because bots can perform routine tasks, such as asking for customer information or suggesting common solutions to problems, and then lead users down the path necessary to resolve issues on their own.

Helpshift’s recently unveiled custom bots are indeed able to automate and even solve routine issues — but they are also extremely user-friendly to configure. Without any developers or coding required, customer service administrators can create decision tree-based custom bot workflows.

This is not vaporware. This “anyone can do it” Helpshift bot-builder is real.

Bot Builder
Make building your own Helpshift bot part of your Dreamforce experience!

It’s so easy, in fact, that Dreamforce attendees can create their own bots in their spare time between sessions. By visiting Helpshift’s booth #1919 on the expo floor, attendees will be able to indeed “build their own bots” from ideation through execution.

Visitors to the booth can also meet leaders from the Helpshift executive team on Tuesday (9/27) and Thursday (9/29) between 11:30am-1:30pm. CEO Linda Crawford and Co-founder Abinash Tripathy will be available to discuss all things related to bots, AI and the future of conversational customer service.

Request a meeting here, and start thinking about what you want your bot to accomplish!

Capabilities like custom bots save time so employees can focus on higher-level tasks and helping customers with more complex issues at hand. Yet this is just one facet of the Helpshift platform that aids both customers and agents alike. In addition to advanced case management, knowledge management, and conversational threaded messaging capabilities, Helpshift’s turnkey AI uses natural language processing to automatically categorize issues and hand them off to the right agent (when a bot doesn’t cut it.)

So stop by the booth and learn all about what Helpshift has to offer — you’ve “bot” to make this a priority during Dreamforce 2018!

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