Zynga’s Gemma Doyle On How To Build A Data-Driven VIP Program

Mobile games see a vast majority of their revenue from a small percentage of elite high-rollers. Keeping, engaging, and cross selling to this group is essential for any company that wants to succeed in the highly competitive mobile gaming landscape.

That’s why Zynga has built out a data-driven VIP program that focuses on developing, retaining, and reactivating VIP customers. Gemma Doyle, the head of VIP Operations at Zynga, created this program through highly effective customer feedback loops, 1:1 relationships with VIP account managers, and incredibly engaging motivators to directly impact Zynga’s bottom line.

Join us on April 6th at 2p.m. for Gemma Doyle’s Webcast on how to build out a successful VIP program through data-driven decisions and highly personalized content. The chat will primarily focus on:

1. How to build a data-driven VIP Program that positively impacts revenue.

2. How she develops, retains, and reactivates VIP customers across Zynga’s many casino games

This is one VIP event you won’t want to miss! Save a seat here: https://mobileretention.splashthat.com/

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