Partner Program

Be a Helpshift Partner

Our partner program delivers developer and go-to-market support to B2C services and technology organizations


Services Partners

Helpshift collaborates with system integrators to help organizations make the digital transformation from traditional contact centers to a modern, cloud-based customer experience platform.

Services Partners Include:

  • System integration providers that work with cloud technology platforms and are looking to provide a modern cloud-based customer experience center
  • Consulting and Advisory Partners that can expertly deliver and extend the value of the Helpshift experience and investment
  • Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) with a need for best-in-class messaging-based, B2C contact center technology for their clients

Services Partner Benefits:

  • Access to a dedicated development environment
  • Robust developer tools
  • Best practices, technology/methodology training and other resources to successfully implement the Helpshift platform and ensure continued customer success
  • Optional referral program
  • Co-marketing opportunities, including the annual Resolve Conference

Technology Partners

Integrate your app into the Helpshift platform and supplement your offering with the leading B2C, mobile-first, messaging-based customer experience platform.

Technology Partners include:

  • Technology providers seeking to extend the value and reach of their solution through a call center integration
  • Solutions that add value to a messaging-centric B2C customer experience platform

Technology Partner benefits:

  • Access to a private development environment
  • Robust developer tools
  • Co-marketing opportunities, including Helpshift’s annual user conference
  • Optional referral program

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