Take a Deep Dive with Opus Research into Conversations, Messaging and Engagement

In case you missed it, lead analysts Dan Miller and Mitch Lieberman from Opus Research, and Helpshift Founder Abinash Tripathy teamed up recently for a robust discussion about the future of conversational customer service. The webinar focused on analyzing today’s customer service landscape, as well as exploring the potential impact of messaging and artificial intelligence in the very near future. If you didn’t get a chance to hear it live, or want to share with colleagues — you can access the recording here.

But that’s not all: there is so much more to this conversation about conversations.

Opus Research has just released a full, in-depth white paper entitled, “In the Post-Telephone World, it is all about Conversational Messaging. In this white paper, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how an intuitive messaging interface and AI-powered tools work together to provide the optimal customer service experience. “Conversations” is going to become an increasingly popular term in the customer service industry, and this paper digs deep into the implications and how to tackle this new method of customer communication.

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Here’s an excerpt:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived, and it is here to stay. From Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to Case Classification, AI continues to demonstrate business value, especially with respect to service excellence and customer retention via intelligent conversations. The time to act in order to better understand your customers’ needs is now. Align your organization, individual departments, and budget in order to take action. There are tasks and activities, currently performed by your team, that are ripe for disruption by intelligent systems.

The roles and functions that are most susceptible can be categorized within the physical activity, information, and knowledge worker domains. For example, in the United States alone, data collection and data processing make up nearly 33% of all activities within the economy, accounting for almost $2 trillion spent in wages. The automation potential for data collection and data processing across industries [aka impact of AI] is well over 50%; a $1 trillion opportunity.

The impact and objective of deploying Artificial Intelligence within your customer service organization is critical to creating superior customer experiences via service excellence. While there is an internal struggle between customer experience advocates and financial operations watchdogs, their individual objectives need not be mutually exclusive. Refactoring jobs and altering employee costs through AI-influenced automation (Bots) will provide the basis for your return on investment (ROI). Job refactoring is precisely why Opus Research has focused on conversations…

You can download the full white paper here, and please reach out to our team for additional information on Helpshift’s AI-powered conversational customer service platform.

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