Best Project Management Tools for Empowering your Support Teams

How valuable is an excellent customer experience to consumers? According to, eighty-six percent of buyers will pay more for better customer experiences. Also, by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Developing an exemplary customer experience is crucial, and for many companies, accomplishing this can hinge on having access to the best tools.

Helpdesks are an essential component of customer support organizations, but support teams can also benefit massively from project management software to improve their operations. For example, a task delegation tool like Asana or Trello can help customer support leaders assign larger projects to particular members of the team as opposed to individual tickets that can be routed through a customer service platform.

Managing the customer experience depends on successfully handling a variety of projects. From collaborating on a new website user experience plan to configuring chatbots, customer experience projects can take on many forms. This is why it is crucial to have tools that can help customer support teams create a streamlined, straightforward, and elevated customer experience. Read on for the project management areas and associated tools that help customer service teams create a great customer experience through ongoing collaboration and communication.


Ensuring that a project with multiple stakeholders stays on track and doesn’t slip through the cracks is vital, and something that a robust project management system with an emphasis on collaboration can help with. A good example is Trello, one of the highest-rated collaboration tools on TrustRadius. Managers can easily delegate tasks by assigning cards that are categorized by progress. The program takes advantage of a logical and easy-to-follow Kanban style of organization, something that is essential for the fast-paced world of customer support. Users can customize the board, comment on various cards, and share documents.


If a new issue appears to be surfacing and requires all hands on deck, your team should be able to easily communicate in a group chat setting. Slack is an excellent way to keep everyone in the loop. With over 1,100 ratings on TrustRadius, Slack comes in at a solid 8.4 out of 10 and with good reason. Managers can create channels based on teams or functions, while employees can access quick notifications of new messages on their computers or smartphones. Slack can also integrate with a large number of other programs.

Document Sharing

Working from a living document is so important for tasks such as knowledge management updates. Google Drive may be the best program out there for easy and secure document sharing and collaboration. With an impressive score of 8.8 out of 10, TrustRadius users are impressed with the tool’s many capabilities. It has one of the most abundant free storage space options of any similar platform and allows users to upload files from a variety of different file types. Multiple individuals can work on one document at a time (with timestamps revealing which edits were made by whom), and users can take advantage of in-document commenting. Much like Slack, this program allows all involved to stay in the loop.

Final Thoughts

User experience is one of the most critical aspects of a customer buying journey, and a great experience can lead to increased conversions. Yet customer support teams have to collaborate in order to develop and iterate upon these experiences that satisfy and educate their consumers — and robust project management tools can help.

Chanell Alexander is a contributor from TrustRadius.

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