Level Up As A Customer Service Leader With New AI Capabilities

Leaders in the customer service space can and should take full advantage of new artificial intelligence offerings for their own career development and advancement.

As AI and automation increasingly take over simple, routine (and somewhat mundane) backend tasks, customer service supervisors and managers have an opportunity to use their newly found free time for higher level support strategy. Automating features like ticket assignment and backlog management will allow those individuals who had to manually do these tasks previously to be able to focus on managing and empowering their teams to a greater degree, while also optimizing the customer support journey with the new AI tools that are now entering the market.

Helpshift’s latest white paper delves into these ideas—as well as specific AI use cases, growth opportunities, and background on how the role of the customer service leader is evolving. More specifically, the white paper covers:

  • What automation is taking over
  • New strategy ideas to excel as a team leader
  • Tools available for AI-powered customer service


Please download, digest, and share with any colleagues who may be interested!

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