Streamline Customer Care With Our Improved Issue Detail Page

It’s always our goal to make your customer care team more efficient. Today, I’m happy to announce a new and improved Issue Detail page that will help streamline your support workflow.

The Issue Detail page has been a work-in-progress and you likely have already noticed some of our recent changes- adding a phone icon for SDK issues to easily distinguish the user’s platform, or removing the Notes section and replacing it with the more useful in-line private notes. In our latest iteration, we focused on cleaning up the action buttons on the Issue Detail page to help Agents resolve issues more quickly and minimize mistakes. Here are some of the changes that we made:

1. Button Layout

The first thing that you will notice is that we rearranged the buttons on the Issue Detail page. Specifically, we have 2 primary action buttons: Reply and Resolve. We made this decision to optimize for two use-cases:

  • Agents clicking Reply for New issues
  • Agents clicking Resolve for In-progress issues

In the screenshot below, you will see the following actions:

issue detail

  1. Insert FAQ
  2. Request Screenshot (camera icon)
  3. Reply button (Reply and Resolve in the dropdown)
  4. Resolve button (Reject in the dropdown)
  5. Share button – used to share Issues via email

In case you want to save even more time, give our keyboard shortcuts a try! With these shortcuts, you can quickly reply and resolve customers’ problems without leaving your keyboard.

Action Shortcut (mac) Shortcut (windows)
Reply ⌘ + Enter Ctrl + Enter
Reply and Resolve ⌘ + Shift + Enter Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert FAQ ⌘ + . Ctrl +
Next Issue
Previous Issue

2. Request Screenshot

When the Request Screenshot camera icon is clicked, the camera icon will turn into a status bubble noting that you will send a screenshot request to the app user. An Agent can click the ‘X’ to cancel the Request Screenshot prompt.

Request Screenshot

3. Request Review

In the right column, you will find the “Request Review” button which can be used to request an app review from happy customers.

Request Review

Have any questions? Feel free leave a comment or email us at [email protected].

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