Where to Begin: Scaling Customer Support in New Markets

I had the opportunity to sit down with the Head of US Operations from Mercari, Erika Ocampo, for our webinar: “Where to Begin: Scaling Customer Support in New Markets.” Erika has been on the frontlines of Mercari’s customer care operations since the beginning. Her expertise on creating, building and scaling this crucial business unit directly connects to the success that Mercari has seen. They have propelled themselves into this market as the true pioneer by being a mobile-only platform.

During our 30 minute broadcast, Erika shared with our audience her key insights on how mobile app support teams should be built, trained, and operated in a way that meets the needs of the highly sophisticated mobile shopper.

1. Create the Right Team with the Right Processes/Operations

Starts with the end-to-end customer journey.

    • Know your product inside and out: By building out training programs, you will ensure that your support and operation teams will understand the product mission and deliver on the brand promise.
    • Analyze your Customer Data: Consistently monitoring analytics will drive feature releases that your most loyal fans are asking for.
    • Ask the Right Questions & Set Measurable Goals: By optimizing support team operations with metrics, you can identify patterns of inefficiency and correct them swiftly.
    • Be sure to Ask: What is the average handling time per ticket? Out of all incoming tickets, what’s the first contact resolution %? What is the average response time?

2. Scaling Growth & Predicting Customer Behavior

Put yourself in your customers shoes, live in your app, experience the process.

      • Evaluate the Journey: Dedicating time to understand the customer journey as they move through your product will create a measurable process to identify what works, where there are bottlenecks, and how to provide excellent proactive support.
      • Support leans on Product and Product leans on Support: Introducing a feedback loop between your support team and product team will bring your app to market, with the features your customers wants.
      • Increase Efficiency & Delight Your Customers: Analyzing Intelligent automations will allow agents to quickly resolve issues, reduce response time, and personalize the customer experience.

3. Know your Modern Customer

Align your App strategy with Optimal Small Screen Experience.

    • On-Boarding is Top Priority: Replicating and reproducing your on-boarding experience and process will drive proactive support to create an intuitive experience from the moment users launch your app and avoid churn.
    • Understand Your Customer: Creating a clear process of leveraging your support team to collect customer feedback will help better inform the product team and drive collaboration around roadmap discussions.
    • Engage Your Customers Whenever, Wherever: Providing your customer support agents with the tools to engage customers cross-platform, 24/7 will create an army of loyal fans.

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