Customer Support Superheroes Gather To Address Customer Health KPIs

Customer support is not just about help; it’s about health.

The term “Customer Health” references the happiness of individuals and cohorts of customers. The idea behind customer health is that support agents shouldn’t just be focusing on their customers in need. There are myriad Health KPIs that can be used to gauge at-risk cohorts, unhappy cohorts, and most satisfied customers- information that can then be translated into proactive support, best practices and product enhancements.

This Tuesday the 28, join us at our SF soiree for customer support professionals to chat about pain points, best practices, and how to keep customers healthy. It’s not just customers who need a community; support superheroes need one too. Chat about how you keep your customers healthy over great food, drink and community at Envoy from 6-8p.m.


To submit talking points and RSVP, visit our meetup page. We can’t wait to see you!

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