Helpshift, Defining the Future of CRM

As we begin this new year, I wanted to take a minute and share Helpshift’s incredible journey through 2014.

  • We are a strong global team of 65 Helpshifters.
  • 500 million devices are live with the Helpshift SDK.
  • We won the 2014 CRM Idol competition.

Mobile is changing the way we exist. 2014 arguably marks one of the most influential years in mobile history.

Years back, businesses moved from storefronts to the web. Today, they are moving from the web to mobile. These transformational changes to the industry come with a new set of rules and guidelines.

Helpshift is redefining how companies forge meaningful connections to the number one priority — their customer. The most important feature of the mobile experience is its intimacy. Traditional CRM ignore this personal relation and fail to create a seamless interaction with your customer.

Thus, companies aiming to succeed in this mobile first world need a new strategy and a new vision. They need a new CRM.

In 2015, it is our goal to continue to expand our product suite and deliver the ultimate tool that ignites both user retention and engagement.

Communicating with customers, supporting customers, marketing to customers, selling to customers, it all comes down to the mobile device. That’s the new definition of CRM…


Helpshift defines the future of CRM. Join the movement.

Happy New Year,
Tushar Makhija

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