Product Update: Deliver great customer support – anytime, anywhere

Imagine: a mobile-first help desk that allows your customers to contact you from their device but limits you to replying from the desktop. That’s like a cookie without the best part – chocolate chips!

Thankfully, we think this is as ludicrous as you do. Starting today, you can now view and respond to users’ issues right from your phone.

Mobile responsive customer support

Response time is the most important factor in quality customer support. As much as your customers would like to think, you’re not always in front of your Helpshift dashboard. You take bathroom breaks, eat lunch, and sometimes you may even go home. But your mobile phone is always by your side.

Now, if you act on a Helpshift email notification from your mobile phone, you’ll be automatically redirected to a mobile optimized way to respond to your customers. We’ve engineered the mobile experience to be super snappy, so you can quickly send replies, even if you’re on a slow 3G connection.


Email notifications for customer replies

Wait there’s more! We’re throwing some walnuts into our chocolate chip cookies too – there’s a brand new email notification for when customers reply back. Not all issues are resolved with one response, and we want you to be equally quick getting back to users, whether it’s the 1st message or the 100th (but we hope it never reaches this number).

With a complete suite of email notifications and mobile optimized issue handling, you’re now armed with the ability to deliver quality customer support – anytime, anywhere.

We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we enjoy chocolate chip walnut cookies! Nom nom.

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