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Self-Service, Help Desk, Chatbots
Self-Service, Help Desk, Live Chat, Digital CS Platforms
Self-Service, Help Desk, Live Chat
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Transform Your Player Support Experience Across Modern Channels

We roll out the red carpet for your test drive of the most powerful set of automation, segmentation, messaging, and ticket management tools. You’ll benefit from a unified player experience across mobile apps, web, PC, console, and the Metaverse. Schedule your demo today!

Native Inn-App Support

Experience the power of Helpshift right within the app with the Helpshift’s best-in-class SDK.

Modern Support Journey

Conversational AI, Data & Automation

Offer your players a Modern Support Journey that yields happier customers, faster resolution times, and improved ROI. 

The Helpshift platform enables speedy self-service for common problems, offers intent driven guided support and, when a human touch is needed, equip agents with helpful data so they can resolve complex issues efficiently. Request a consultation today!

Support Your Players in the Metaverse

Already known as the de facto solution for creating amazing in-app support experiences that keep users engaged in the mobile app, Helpshift has launched Metashift, a rollout of new patented technologies designed for support experiences in the metaverse.

Blockchain Verification, NFT, & Identity Support

Along with the emergence of the metaverse, there are new technologies that need to be accommodate. Users now own virtual assets like NFTs that can have considerable value and user identity theft is a risk. Metashift’s upcoming blockchain verification feature will ensure that users’ virtual identities and assets can be supported across the metaverse through blockchain verification. This feature is slated to be released in Q4 2022

Native VR Support

As user experiences evolve to become more engaging and immersive, so must the support journey – even within virtual worlds. That’s why Helpshift is currently building the first support solution for the in-VR metaverse experience. Users shouldn’t have to leave virtual reality in order to get support. With Metashift, users will be able to access FAQs, self-serve with AI-driven intents, leave feedback, and report bugs and crashes right from the VR experience. VR support is slated to be available starting Q4 2022.

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