Do You Know What Your Users Think About Your App?

Happy Users Help Drive UA 

User acquisition (UA) drives the mobile app industry. Developers invest heavily in strategies to acquire new users into their app. The user support experience is often overlooked and too many times is just an afterthought.

There are two key reasons why you should pay attention to your customer support experience from the get go:

  1. Your users provide you with real-time feedback about your product and a source of insights you can harness to iterate faster and develop better apps. This helps your app retain your newly acquired users, but it also helps you drive new UA by creating positive word of mouth and generating positive reviews in app stores and online review websites.
  2. If your users are frustrated, unhappy or receive a poor customer support experience, they can take their anger and frustration to public-facing review websites, app stores, or social media and hurt your brand reputation, which not only leads these new users to churn quickly, but it also hurts your new user acquisition. No matter how much you invest to attract users to download your app, negative ratings make the task much more challenging.  

Enable Feedback Mechanisms to Listen to What Users Are Saying about Your App in Real Time

Once you are set up to efficiently collect qualitative data and insights from your users, you will have a goldmine at your fingertips. But you must be able to analyze the constant flow of incoming data, as well as have the ability to take quick action and share the knowledge internally across teams in order to quickly address and resolve these reported issues. Send user reviews, product issues, or quality trends to specific teams in your organization via Slack, Jira, or PagerDuty to make it easy to monitor what users are saying about your game or product in real time.

This is a never-ending, virtuous cycle for product quality enhancement:

  • Developers build new features.
  • Users test them out and provide feedback.
  • Customer support agents or bots are the middlemen who provide insights to developers and product teams, as well as acknowledgement to users for their invaluable contributions.

This virtuous cycle drives higher retention and user happiness as they feel valued, involved and know that their feedback is taken into account. For mobile games or retail apps, it means that your players or customers stay longer in your app, allowing you to drive more revenue. For Fintech or other mobile apps, you can constantly improve your user experience by incorporating what your users are demanding of you to create a better experience. 

There is nothing worse than a customer service interaction where there is no consideration of the client. When a user takes the time to submit feedback to the brands they like, the brands owe it to them to respect their customers and thank them for their valuable feedback, at the minimum, and ideally incorporate their feedback into new releases.

Churn Prevention: Customer Support Issues Are Only Half of the Story

There are many places where angry and frustrated customers share and speak poorly about their customer experiences. They could decide to leave a bad app store review, a bad reference in a review site such as TrustPilot or another online site, or decide to share a post on social media, Discord for gamers, or even talk to their friends and families negatively about your app and brand.

Therefore, it’s important to access all your user feedback, product insights, metadata, and sentiment analysis in one place so you can know the truth around your product’s health and quality. It is critical for app developers to firefight quickly before the customer issues spread too widely and damage your brand reputation. If you do not act quickly enough to fix your product, you may never recover. You will struggle to drive enough new users for your app to survive. Your existing users and app quality focus should be at the forefront of your acquisition strategy. Otherwise, you will continually be filling a leaky bucket with water. Good luck with that! 

unitQ + Helpshift: Turn Quantitative User Feedback into Actionable Insights

unitQ’s AI-enabled monitoring platform automatically identifies and analyzes user feedback from Helpshift in-app support issues as well as other public-facing feedback channels such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Twitter and Reddit to reveal in real time and track all quality issues with your app.

The integration enables developers and product teams to fix the most impactful quality issues across all sources, languages, platforms, and devices. 

Why You Should Monitor Feedback with Helpshift and unitQ

Monitoring all your customer feedback with Helpshift and unitQ enables you to:

  • Receive notifications of quality issues before they become widespread problems.
  • Access all user feedback in one centralized place to get a single source of truth of your product quality.
  • Accelerate the feedback loop from user experience to developers to speed up product enhancements.
  • Provide better products to your users and show gratitude to your customers for their feedback. This helps you reduce churn, boost CSAT, and build great app experiences.

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