Why Your eCommerce Customers Won’t Speak Up

Walking into a retail store guarantees that you’ll be asked “How can I help you?”, or “Find everything okay?” Engaging customers to receive feedback is a cornerstone of operating any retail business. The knowledge you gain is the difference between a hundred or a thousand sales.

Unfortunately, retail apps have trouble capitalizing on beneficial feedback from their customers in a mobile-first marketplace. Only a small percentage of app users are engaged enough to contact you, and the rest abandon your app without a word. How can retailers both encourage app feedback and organize it at scale?

Encouraging App Feedback

The #1 way to get more feedback from users is by making the process incredibly easy. Many retailers neglect this simple philosophy throughout their app experience. For instance,
apps are seeing monumental engagement by switching to in-app chat, but there are still brands that force users out of the app into email. What if a store forced you to speak with them only by writing a letter? You would likely never speak with them again. App users have the same reaction. Today’s modern mobile user expects an experience that acknowledges them quickly within the app itself.

Let’s even take it a step further: Why not offer your in-app customers the ability to self-serve? Retailers are missing out on important feedback data even when users help themselves. Tradesy uses an FAQ rating system to determine what questions are most popular with customers. Just like a physical store, asking customers “Is this helpful?” has a twofold effect: you will receive data that makes the product better, and customers will feel heard. Every user has an opinion–all you have to do is make communication as easy as pushing a button.

Organizing Feedback At Scale

Gathering all the data you can about what customers want is a top priority to improve business and to scale your MAUs. When customers begin to speak up (because you made it easy), the best way to quantify their feedback is through an analytics platform that provides actionable product insights. You can then iterate your app in a way customers truly love.


Battle-tested analytics are available for app reviews, support agent performance, in-app chat, FAQs, and more. Get the details you need so that every customer visiting your store is a happy one. Bringing on SaaS products is unavoidable when you want to scale, but companies can attest the initial price will pay for itself in results.

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