The Role of Emojis In Consumer Relationships

Emojis are the fastest growing language in the world with 92% of the online population incorporating them into their mobile messages. In marketing, and in all online communication, words take the place of face-to-face or voice conversations that innately express an emotion or set the tone for the interaction through facial expressions and vocal changes. It is only a natural evolution that a language of visual cues has grown to support getting the point across, closing a deal or connecting with a customer.

Who Is Using Emojis?

The mobile messaging app leading US usage is by far Facebook Messenger. But when it comes to user engagement, Apple iMessenger and Whats App are dominating the numbers with its users sending several messages a day, most of which include emojis.

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These heavy mobile users are represented by mostly women, 56%, and Generation X, both of which are known as the Emoji Elite.

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At the same time, these same elite emoji users are generating the need for more emoji alternatives beyond the standard set. In other words, the emoji language is expanding because avid users find the options mundane.

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For example, why settle for a coffee mug emoji when you can choose from a travel mug, paper cup, pour over, or oversized mug emoji to clearly express yourself.

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The Top 3 Ways You Can Use Emojis To Strengthen Your Brand

Emojis are a universal language. A smiley face means the same thing from one continent to another. You can incorporate this international language into your business:

  1. To Stand Out. Companies are now creating their own emojios that are unique to their brand. If you’re not ready to take the design-your-own-emoji-line leap, you can still create your own way of using them across your platforms in a consistent and unique way that speaks directly to your customers.
  2. To Be Concise. Emojis, as well as infographs, appeal directly to the human eye’s natural programming to see patterns and trends. Using visual content in your marketing and on your platforms aids in keeping the focus of your customers often short attention span.
  3. To Market. If your core demographic crosses the millennials or Gen Z, there is not questions as to whether emojis should be anchoring your marketing plan or not.

The Importance of Integrating Emojis Into Your Customer Service Communication

Marketing isn’t the only department of your business where emoji use can make a big difference. Knowing that a large percentage of consumers are using emjois in all of their other messaging apps, integrating emoji options into your in-app messaging can help to facilitate communication. By adding in personalized or branded emjois to your in-app chat, you are letting your customers know that you understand them, you are forward-thinking and are ready to connect with them.

Personalization provides you with the opportunity to meet the consumer where they are at, instead of where you are. By focusing on the shifting consumer behavior and the use of emojis instead of on existing practices, you can add a unique level of functionality to your in-app chat features. Keep in mind to pick the emojis that best represent your brand, speak to your customers and allow them to speak to you. It’s up to you to set the tone.

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