End of year note from our CEO

As the year draws to a close, I pause to reflect on the evolution of Helpshift. I envisioned creating the best Mobile Helpdesk, CRM platform and Knowledge Management Tool. But never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Helpshift playing a part in saving the life of a troubled teen.

It started when Pixelberry Studios, the makers of High School Story, received a message from a suicidal teen In-App. The teen was being bullied and was suffering from depression. Through Helpshift’s in app chat channel, the Pixelberry team were able to guide the teen to seek help from a suicide prevention hotline. “I think one of the primary things we’re trying to get teens to understand is that it’s okay to reach out to get help,” says Oliver Miao, Pixelberry CEO. “We’re happy to report that the teen is healthy and doing better.”

Touched by Pixelberry’s efforts, instead of cards this year, we’re going to donate money to the Cybersmile Foundation to fight cyber bullying and teen depression.

Fellow imagineer, I wish you a safe and very happy holiday and let’s keep creating great things in 2014!

Abinash Tripathy

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