Reduce Ticket Volume with Enhanced Ticket Deflection

At Helpshift, we work with many successful companies to deliver the best in-app customer support experiences. As our clients become more successful, they inevitably see a rise in ticket volumes, resulting in higher support costs (more tickets require more Agents to resolve them).

Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature that helps companies reduce their overall ticket volume while maintaining an excellent end-user experience. The feature can be toggled on/off in our latest SDK (iOS v4.9.0 & Android v3.6.0) using the flag- showSearchOnNewConversation.

How It Works

  1. When showSearchOnNewConversation is enabled, a user can file a conversation as normal.screenshot1
  2. Once a user has completed filling out the form, he can press “Send” which loads a screen that shows related FAQ’s. These FAQ’s result from keyword searches. If no results are available, then the ticket will be filed directly.
  3. A user can view the related FAQ’s and find one that answers his question.
  4. Alternatively, a user can go back to the FAQ’s list and press “Send Anyway” to file the issue.

How to Set It Up

The showSearchOnNewConversation flag can be enabled when using the showConversation API. If the showSearchOnNewConversation flag is set to true, the user will be taken to a view which shows the search results relevant to the conversation text that he has entered upon clicking the “Send” button. Default value is false.

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