Everything You Need To Help Your Support Team Succeed In 2018

While many see the holidays as a “dead time”— it can also be an opportunity to get ahead, especially for team managers. Customer service managers, in particular, often have increased bandwidth for strategic initiatives this time of year as the stream of incoming issues and tickets can slow to a trickle.

We know that there are few things in life more exciting than planning an actionable Q1 support strategy (while everyone else is playing in the snow). But just in case you are looking for a resource that can do a lot of the legwork for you—while taking your support strategy to the next level—we’ve got you covered.

Our robust 2018 Customer Success Toolkit features some quick wins and cheat sheets, in addition to comprehensive guides that will empower you to empower your team in the coming year.Helpshift_ToolKit_Mockup_Gray.png

The 2018 Customer Success Toolkit includes:

  • A customizable presentation deck for you to present to your team on ways your agents can “up their game”
  • A customer service (CS!) acronym cheat sheet
  • A manager’s guide to leveling up in the customer service world today
  • A checklist for ensuring that teams are hiring and retaining the right candidates
  • An editable template and guide for successful continuing education programs

Get Toolkit

We’ll also be hosting a webinar on January 11th at 9am PST that will dig deeper into some of these tips and tricks. You can sign up for that recording here.

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