3 Ways To Build A Loyal Customer Base Through Proactive Customer Service Solutions

The massive shift in how the world consumes information has conditioned a new generation of consumers with built-in expectations for speed. And while businesses committed to thriving have responded appropriately, customer service has become the stagnant factor for many businesses, creating a huge rift between competitors. The new frontier to secure a loyal customer base depends on retraining the enterprise to proactively create solutions through customer service.

The speed, ease and price at which suppliers are able to provide products and services to the consumer are now comparable across marketplace, leveling the playing field. This has ignited an era where customer service is rising as a top priority, vital in standing out among the many. In those efforts, companies have begun to shed the term “service” for a phrase more fitting: customer experience. It has given businesses another direct path to satisfy the consumer, and establish a reputation and brand that yields repeat customers.

Four Proactive Customer Service Solutions to Build a Stronger Loyal Customer Base

1. Polish Your Touchpoints

Touchpoints begin the moment a consumer has an interaction with the brand and begins to develop opinions about the company. By polishing each touchpoint, you can eliminate any unwarranted friction the consumer may encounter. By tracking data points using Helpshift’s Analytics, you can identify the touchpoints causing tension and begin to custom design the experience for the customer ensuring the most efficient and enjoyable journey.

2. Provide Instantaneity

When consumers reach out to customer service, the one thing they are seeking is a quick solution to a problem. Initially, customers like to help themselves. Helpshift In-app FAQs enable customers to promptly find answers to their questions without needing to contact support. And if they do choose to connect with an agent, In-app Messaging allows them to send you a message directly from within the app, receive your reply, and resolve their issue all without being forced to leave the app. Presenting a simple and swift resolution for every type of problem can be the difference between generating a lifelong customer relationship, and the loss of business within seconds.

3. Support Your Agents

Support agents are the essential factor is generating seamless solutions. The best way to save them time is by guiding them through optimized workflows. With Helpshift Automations, customers are categorized up by key features, eliminating the busy work your agents would otherwise spend chasing down information. And when agents, sales, and product teams are able to collectively rally around a customer’s problem, they become better equip to ignite happy customer experiences. Helpshift’s collaboration features and collective agent dashboard help you to do this by enabling your entire organization to work together and solve customers’ problems without stepping on each other’s toes.

The Missing Link: Customer Service

Whether you are solving problems before they arise, or redirecting customer’s focus from a roadblock to a solution, customer service is the pivotal element. Helpshift’s SDK extends the potential for developing a competitive edge by combining preparation with strategy with the end-goal of establishing a loyal customer base

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