Helpshift CEO Abinash Tripathy on Future of Mobile and Why You Need to Invest in Customer Loyalty

This Week on Business Rockstars: Why Future of Mobile is Proactive Customer Service

Ken Rutkowski is interested in what makes people successful. On Business Rockstars, the daily radio and streaming video show, he features CEO’s, startups, and entrepreneurs to discuss and analyze the latest in technology. And for this week’s Business Rockstars episode he picks three highly successful people as his guests, one of which is our very own CEO Abinash Tripathy. Ken and Abinash discuss Silicon Valley, Helpshift, the future of mobile, millennials, and their favorite apps. Punctuated with puns (app-solutely!), personal anecdotes, and serious reflections, the episode is an engaging mediation on mobile and Silicon Valley.

You can watch the full segment on YouTube here, and find the key takeaways below:

  • The technology that powers most customer service is archaic and does not exist in the same century as today’s customers.
  • There’s too much friction in interactive voice response (IVR), and millennials use their smartphones to connect to more people faster through text; they don’t call.
  • Creating a “Nordstrom experience” on mobile means anticipating needs– much like the salesperson offering to set up a changing room, or get different sizes in the brick-and-mortar era.
  • Silicon valley is about finding boring, untouched industries and making them interesting (like the taxi business and Uber).

Worth watching the whole thing? App-solutely!

Watch Ken and Abinash Talk Mobile Today & What It Means for Tomorrow: Video Below

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