Got Grumpy Customers? ZensAI Is Here To Help!

We have all been there – it’s the end of the day and an angry customer starts overusing caps lock and exclamation points – and to say that your patience is being tested would be quite the understatement. You assure them that you are working your hardest to find a solution to their problem, but emotions are already running high, so your words do little to de-escalate the situation.

You fear how this is going to end. Despite your best attempts to resolve the issue, it seems that a low CSAT score is on the horizon…and even churn. And we all know that churn is only good for making butter!

What is an exasperated supervisor to do?

ZensAI Meditation Chatbot

Meet ZensAI

Introducing ZensAIThe automated solution for dealing with customer frustration.

Grumpy customers may not always be the best at articulating their problems. ZensAI shifts the conversation.

The only meditative chatbot on the market, ZensAI can be invoked when significantly high levels of stress are detected and:

  • Instantly guide your customer through meditation backed by science
  • Relax your customers so that they are extremely calm and open-minded, such that you’ll have the opportunity to upsell by at least 215%, guaranteed!
  • Make your customers fall in love with your brand all over again?

The first of its kind, ZensAI’s beta users are already raving about the impact of ZensAI in their service organizations:

“Since implementing ZensAI, we’ve seen our CSAT score rise exponentially! In fact, I personally know a customer who was so moved by ZensAI, she upped her order significantly! I don’t know what she is going to do with a thousand frog plushies, (she originally only wanted one), but we both left the conversation feeling happy and satisfied.”

April F., Director of Support at JK Industries

Be a champion for your agents and take your customers on an entirely new journey with ZensAI.

Meet ZensAI

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