[KEY INSIGHTS] Lessons from GREE: 3 Keys to Scalable Engagement

Today we invited the Director of Customer Operations at GREE Games, Chris Tabasa, to provide our community a deep dive into how customer support organizations should be thinking about player engagement as they scale. We also cover what happens when unanticipated growth occurs.

Keys to Scalable Engagement:

1. Know your modern mobile customer:

  1. So who are they? These users are sophisticated, informed, independent and know how to navigate apps. Not only do they know how to access the information they want and more importantly, they can find it quickly.
  2. Understanding the mentality of these users can help you mold your programs to meet the needs of these users.
  3. Companies need to quickly to meet these expectations. They need to be one step ahead and be prepared.

2. Be agile and make sure your organization has the ability adapt/adjust/change quickly:

  1. While everyone anticipates steady growth, there is always that chance for rapid growth can happen overnight – what will you need to meet those needs?
  2. Make sure you have the right team in place to accept and run with that growth and deal with the growing pains in between. Ex: You could be 4 agents and have 1 product one day, then grow to 60 agents with multiple products in a short amount of time.
  3. Management needs to focus on your people and process/procedure as the foundation of this growth.
  4. Identify the right tools/technology you need to help manage this growth and keep things efficient.
  5. Partnerships and transparency with all business units is necessary to scale.
  6. Keep the line of communication open amongst departments to operate under the strength of rapid growth.

3. Measure Support & Customer Satisfaction; They go hand-in-hand

  1. Make sure you have metrics in-place for your team to measure personal success while encouraging everyone to have a voice and exhibit innovation.
  2. Evaluate and digest feedback: At GREE, they receive a ticket and solve that ticket. But, immediately they send survey with 5 questions (with 5-10% participation) to address how that “event” was accepted and evaluate the success.
  3. Instill net-promoter scores to measure overall loyalty
  4. Make sure you balance quality with efficiency. You can answer a ticket but did it have the personal touch? **remember your users are people too!
  5. If the product is new: prioritize user acquisition, If the product is already released: prioritize retention

4. Engage community where they are present

  1. It’s about identifying where your users are active and where they are comfortable.
  2. Keep conversations in the context of where that community is: i.e. Converse on FB if this is an active community OR if you think its better for your business to bring them back to your site, create a forum that invites conversations.
  3. Remember every single community, and every individual adds value to your ecosystem.
  4. Anticipate participation and collaborate accordingly.

Our next webinar will be April 16th, with Christian Calderon and Eric Glover from Dots, to discuss How to Engage Your Players Across Social Media to Spark Virality. Stay tuned for more information on registration.

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