Helpshift Review Analytics: Made to Conquer Your App Ratings

Today I’m happy to announce our latest feature: Helpshift Review Analytics!

Review Analytics is a premium feature that helps you get better app ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can find it under the “Reviews” tab in the Helpshift Dashboard.

How it Works

Review Analytics gives you both a quantitative and qualitative picture of your app’s ratings. Easily view the number of reviews, average star ratings, and distributions of those ratings over time. You can choose from preset time ranges, export reviews to csv, and sign up for regular reports that will be delivered straight to your inbox!

Rating Distributions
View the number of ratings that you received on a given day and easily see the split across ratings.

2 rating distributions

Favorable/Critical Topics

Gain insights from your app reviews using the Favorable and Critical Topics section. This section shows you the top 5 positive (favorable) and negative (critical) topics mentioned in your app store reviews. We use machine learning clustering techniques to populate these topics. Click on a topic to see related reviews!

3 favoriable-critical topics


The reviews section allows you to read individual user reviews. You will be able to see the review title, body, user’s name, when she posted the review, which country she’s from, and even which app version she is using. You can use the convenient search bar to search all reviews for specific keywords or topics.

4 Reviews


Review Analytics provides you with exhaustive filtering options. After you select your app you can filter reviews by their star rating, app version, or even language (Android) / country (iOS). Now you can view pay attention only to reviews for your latest release.

5 filters

Best Practices

Here are a few recommended Best Practices from Helpshift on how you can use Review Analytics to improve your app store ratings:

Improve your in-app FAQs with Critical Topics
These are the important topics that are causing problems for your users. Turn these topics into in-app FAQs so that your users can find answers to their problems instead of leaving negative feedback on the app store.

6 critical topics

Use the “Request Review” button with happy customers
With Favorable Topics, it’s easier to know which features your users love. Take advantage of this by proactively asking your customers to review your app after resolving an issue. This is most helpful when your customers send you praise or ask clarification questions on favorable features.

7 Review Request

Automatically ask for app ratings
If the ratings for your current app version look overall positive, then enable the automatic review request in Helpshift → Settings. This way, you will be able to maximize the number of positive reviews for your app.

8 automatic review requests

Analytics is a Premium feature that can be added to any plan a la carte. Email s[email protected] for custom pricing and access.

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