2014 is a big year for Helpshift. In June, we raised $10M in Series A funding from Intel Capital and other top investors to build the world’s best mobile-first CRM. Today Helpshift powers more than 1 million conversations each month, serves over 150 million devices, and manages 4 billion events. We’ve been able to expand into other verticals such as mobile gaming, where we have been fortunate enough to partner with excellent companies like Supercell, Glu, and GREE.

I want to share a bit about our vision for Helpshift. Currently, Helpshift’s product is an in-app customer feedback & support tool. We enable developers and companies to provide a native customer support experience with features like in-app FAQ’s and one-to-one messaging. I’m happy to say that we have been very successful so far.

As Helpshift’s product team, it is our responsibility to think about the future. Our journey surely will not end with mobile customer support. Our vision is to become the world’s best full-stack mobile CRM. While that’s not an easy task, we intend to achieve it by incorporating quick product iterations with valuable user feedback. We will enable our partners to do more than ever before.

To accomplish these goals, we have focused our product efforts on 4 themes:

1. Easy collaboration amongst support agents

Features like Private Notes and Share Issue via Email allow teams to collaborate while working on support issues. Agents can now easily share their thoughts on a customer’s problem so that another Agent doesn’t have to start from scratch.

2. Greater support issue context for Admins

Through our own customer feedback, we learned that support managers (called Admins in Helpshift) want to understand how issues are being handled. They would ask us questions like “Why is this issue tagged ‘billing’ when it’s not a billing issue?” or “Was this reply sent by an Agent or Automation?”

To solve this problem, we introduced a feature called Issue Audit Logs to show all actions that were performed on an issue. Now Admins can quickly see who added tags to an issue with the click of a button.

3. More efficient and productive workflows

We are also focusing a lot of our efforts on optimizing the user experience for an Agent. The more issues that a single Agent can handle, the more money our partners will save. Our “Other Issues By This Customer” feature ties issues together under a single user profile, providing an agent with the necessary context to better understand a customer’s problems and resolve them more efficiently.

One of our recent changes was to remove the “Request a Review” button. We received a lot of feedback from customers that Agents were accidentally clicking this button. Since this is a high risk event (you don’t want to ask angry customers to rate your app on the appstore), we decided to remove it temporarily. We do understand this is a very useful functionality to ask a happy user for a review at the right time. We are working on the right styling and placement for this and will bring it back.

4. Make Helpshift more accessible to independent developers

Helpshift is a big fan of the developer community. We know that we would not be around without it. As a way to give back, we recently launched a free Helpshift plan for all app developers. The plan is completely free and includes up to 10,000 MAUs. I encourage you to try it out and start collecting in-app customer feedback from your users.

We are constantly iterating our product by making bets and listening to your feedback. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers successful. We want to streamline your workflow so that you can accomplish your tasks as efficiently as possible. Please email with any product feedback or suggestions.

With that said, let’s hold on for the ride!

Have any questions? Feel free to comment on this post or email us directly at .

Published October 15, 2014
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