Helpshift Dashboard Walkthrough

Issue Details Page

  • Live user profile information including device, language, operating system, Issue history, and app version.
  • Increase agent efficiency with ease by directly inserting FAQs, requesting screenshots, and even requesting reviews after resolving a delighted customer’s issue.
  • Show Activity allows you and your team to track the lifecycle of any Issue – including which of your Agents: applied or removed Tags, re-assigned Issues, inserted FAQs, replied, added Notes, and resolved or rejected the conversation.

Smart Views

  • Segment Issues based on tags, agent assignment, and provide prioritized support to your most valued customers.
  • Best Practices:
  1. Multiple Languages – if you speak more than one language, create a Smart View that combines all Issues with the specific language parameters into a single view.
  2. All Premium Users (App) – create a Smart View that shows all of your premium users across all of your apps in one place.
  3. Urgent Issues (Status) – create a Smart View with important and pressing issues that need immediate response.


  • Provide help at the point of need, promote self-service and empower your customers to answer their own questions.
  • Store unpublished FAQs, allowing your support team to reply with sensitive or trivial responses not available to the public.
  • Save on response time during each customer request using canned responses from the FAQ.
  • Cut down conversations by an average of 3 emails per customer.


  • Receive thorough and actionable insights into the health of your customer care within your mobile app(s).
  • Identify patterns to scale customer happiness with the ability to measure Issues Resolved, Reopened, Rejected, Viewed, and more.
  • Determine your customer support team’s strengths and weaknesses with individual Agent Scores in addition to CSAT scores.
  • FAQ trends show the total number of Inserts (Canned Responses to an Issue), FAQ views, likes, and dislikes from your users.

Review Analytics

  • Review Analytics give you both a qualitative and quantitative picture of your app’s ratings and reviews in the App Store.
  • Easily view the number of reviews, average star ratings, user sentiments (negative vs. positive), and the distribution of those ratings over time.

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