Helpshift Hosts Support Industry Luminaries in LA: Top Conversation Takeaways

As the leader in conversational customer service, it’s a priority at Helpshift to showcase conversations featuring support industry leaders.

That’s why we’ve taken the SensAI Social on the road, most recently at Hotel Erwin’s rooftop lounge in Los Angeles. Featuring Michelle Dysangco, Senior Director of Customer Care at FoxNext, and Angela Saldivar, Director of Customer Service & Advocacy, Digital Operations at Nickelodeon — the conversation revolved around customer support industry best practices, and the tools required today for optimal service. Here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Messaging keeps users in the app. Main KPIs for a mobile or web-based app are engagement and retention. With in-app support, you can keep the users in the game versus email and web forms that force the user to leave the app. By providing in-app self-service and conversational support, apps can keep users in the experience and boost retention.
  • Content should match the voice of the customer. It is important to keep in mind the voice of the customer when creating content and messaging for your app. For instance, if you are providing a gaming app for children, the users are the kids but the customers are their parents. Customize your messaging to cater to all types of audiences.
  • Remember: people, process and tools. When thinking about the customer support industry, there are three main areas that should always be top of mind — people, process and tools. Your agents (people) are the most important part of your organization, and your goal should be to empower them to be successful. Equip them with the right tools and put key processes in place that will help them be successful at their job.
  • Support is a cross-team effort. Work with internal teams and be part of the conversation with other departments within your organization. Stay in sync with your product teams about the roadmap, especially if there are different product managers for apps and websites, and let these other teams know how you can support them. Schedule weekly bug scrum meetings with the engineering team to prioritize bugs, and empower your agents with timely product and bug updates so that they can in turn provide the best experience for your users.
  • Advocate for your customer. Regularly communicate customer feedback to the product team and advocate for your customers. Providing customers with the best support experience will help you boost CSAT ratings and retention. Setup automations to add tags (and custom issue fields) for tickets that are related to bugs or UX feedback, and regularly communicate this feedback to the product team so that it can be incorporated effectively.
  • Set up automations. One of the top complaints customer support organizations get from users is that their ticket has not been answered yet. Set up automations to auto-respond to those inquiries to increase visibility and transparency in addition to self-service suggestions.

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