Helpshift is going to SXSW 2014 in Austin, Texas

Ready or not, Austin! Here comes Helpshift!

We here at Helpshift are headed to South by Southwest next week and we are so excited! We are about to take a crash course in what’s happening in tech, social media, mobile and of course mobile customer service solutions. There’s no way we’ll be able to keep all the stuff we learn just to ourselves, so we’ll be updating you all throughout the trip here on our special SXSW Blog.

Not headed to SXSW, but want to know what you are missing?

Let us know if you have any particular technologies, mobile services or social media trends you’d like to learn? Do you want to know what the next social media integration tool will be? Are you fascinated by where Community Management is headed? Tell me your thoughts in the comments now or tweet us at @Helpshift, and I’ll be sure to respond and keep an ear to the ground.

Also, be sure to follow us at
@Helpshift on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting live from various panels, event (and of course parties) and keep you updated on what the team of Helpshifters in Austin is up to. So you are headed to Austin? Let us know in the comments below and let’s meet up! Which events are you going to? I’m stoked to check out @Scobleizer speaking about Top Tech Innovation Trends for 2014, and don’t forget to meet @Briansolis and get a signed copy of his new book, What’s the Future of Business?, at the HootSuite Lounge. Which conversations do you think we should listen to and participate in? Give us a shout and we will try to make it!

Oh, and want to grab a beer with us (hopefully they’ll open it up to more people) while doing some great networking? Check out our SXSW blog to keep up on our shenanigans while gallivanting around Austin!

Thanks for hanging out with us, and chat with you next week from Austin. Cheers!

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