Zynga, Supercell, Microsoft & More Join Us at Helpshift’s 2nd Annual MORESummit!

Helpshift Brings You the 2nd Annual Mobile Retention & Engagement Summit: MORESummit

In the golden age of mobile, customer retention and engagement have taken on an entirely new importance. Engaging and keeping users is, aside from building a good product, the hardest task of any app. From 2008 to 2015, the number of iOS apps released annually grew from 564 to 56,327; 1/10 of 1 percent of apps control the app market; and there are literally millions of apps in the app store. Users/players know this, and they’re not going to stick around without some strong incentives.

At this year’s 2016 MORESummit, we have gathered some of the top leaders in the mobile industry to discuss the evolving consumer and how that will impact the future of mobile retention and engagement. Speakers who work on mobile games, in customer service, for large B2B corporations, and for burgeoning startups will come together in an epic gathering at the St. Regis San Francisco on March 16. Retention and engagement are not issues that only a few face; keeping users engaged long enough to become loyal customers is a crucial problem that every person working on an app encounters.

To prepare you for this event, we have compiled a little list of statistics on mobile retention and engagement so you know just what you’re getting into:

• Apps lose 77% of their DAUs (Daily Average Users) within the first three days after install, 90% within thirty days, and over 95% within 90 days.

• In 2015, 25% of mobile apps were only used once.

• The average messaging app retention rate is 62%, while the average app retention rate is only 11%.

85% of people prefer native mobile apps to websites.

• By 2017, U.S. Customers’ Mobile Engagement Behavior Will Drive Mobile Commerce Revenue to 50% of U.S. Digital Commerce Revenue

• In the span of a year, app store and in-app advertising revenue grew 70%.

The top app categories in the United States are social, communication, media & video, games, and entertainment.

At the 2016 MORESummit, speakers will discuss trends in mobile, re-engagement, rewarding loyalty/VIP players/users, scaling support ops, and mobile customer/player experience.

Want to attend this year’s MORESummit? It’s coming up on March 16, so hurry and claim your invite here!

MORESummit 2016 Topics and Speakers

The State of Mobile with Kevin Henrikson

Everything we do at work is happening on our phones. You can work sans mouse, keyboard, hard drive, desk, pants. All you really need is your phone. At Microsoft, Henrikson has completely re-imagined what the future looks like for Outlook on the smaller screen. Join us as Kevin discusses future trends in mobile, and examines how the phone can make make work easy, fun, and smart.

Keeping and Growing your Most Valuable Users

As the Director of VIP Operations for Zynga, Gemma Doyle ensures VIP players remain happy and engaged with Zynga’s largest titles. Gemma will discuss strategies and trends she believes will be a driving force for VIP engagement in 2016.

Re-Engagement on Mobile

You pay top dollar and spend countless hours strategizing about user acquisition, but that’s only half the battle. In the fight for mindshare, how do you ensure your users keep coming back and spending more? Join Christian Calderon of Dots as he moderates a panel on one of the hottest topics of mobile this year, re-engagement. Panelists include: James Peng of The Match Group, Eric Seufert of Rovio, and Mike Ouye of Fun Plus.

Scaling Support Ops with Outsourcing

When tremendous scale happens, outsourcing becomes a serious and many times necessary option for distributing the support burden. In a panel moderated by Rich Weil, learn how Zynga, Crowdstar, and Wooga go about selecting, training, and running a successful outsourcing operation.

Mobile Customer Experience with Supercell, Shyp, and Luxe Valet

Moderated by Tushar Makhija of Helpshift, join Supercell, Shyp, and Luxe Valet as they explore what it means to deliver the best customer experience on mobile, and why it’s important to grow and retain their millions of users.

To attend this year’s MORESummit, hurry and claim your invite here!

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