Helpshift’s Happy Holiday 2014

The Helpshift family has grown quite a lot this year! One big perk of our market success is that we now have enough friends to play White Elephant. Have you heard of it?


White Elephant

White Elephant is the classic holiday gift exchange with a twist: every gift is “not useful”, and you can nab gifts from other players!

The Rules:

  • Best with a minimum of 6 players.
  • Each player brings a silly gift and places it in a pile.
  • Randomly decide the order that players select gifts (we used a numbered raffle!)
  • After a player selects and opens their gift, any following player has the option to open a new gift or take a previous one.
  • A gift can only be stolen twice!

We had very interesting gifts in the pile. There was a jello shot kit, a Starbucks mug, tons of coffee, a full-bottle wine glass, “beer goggles”, packaged chocolate and Alleve, more great chocolate, hot chocolate, a gingerbread house kit, champagne, and gift cards! Which would you have taken?

Helpshift Goes Bowling

The celebration didn’t end with a gift exchange. Our growing team also went bowling at Lucky Strike! We’re unstoppable–if you’d like to take us on in the lanes, give us a shout. 🙂

From the Helpshift team to yours, have a Happy Holiday! We look forward to what 2015 has in store. Tell us in the comments how your company celebrated!

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